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  • Jeffrey You


By Jeffrey You

The sun shone brightly on the town of Wildlight as the day shifted to another start. The elves emerged out of their glowing houses in order to greet the beginning of the new day. The trees around them exuded a vibrant hue of green, highlighted further by the clear, cool weather. Two baby fairies skidded across the sky, filling the sky with little giggles of joy. Before everyone knew it, Wildlight’s day had begun.

However, on the outskirts of Wildlight wasa disgusting, rotting cottage, overgrown with thick, green vines and brown, gooey mud. Inside, a gigantic ogre, the last of its kind, was still in his slumber, snoring so loud that even the elves of the town center in Wildlight could hear them. A thick, nasty string of drool dripped out of his mouth, flowing down onto his stomach and muddying the cottage floor like a small river.

The ogre’s name was Anom. He constantly slanted onto the edge of his bed, inches away from falling. Anom remained on the bed for a few more minutes, but his body gave in as he fell to the ground, causing a loud thud as well as the dust on the floor to jump. Anom looked around as if he was lost and stood up, opening the door of his cottage. The sunlight blinded Anom’s eye as he could not adjust to his house’s dark atmosphere. Once Anom’s stomach gave a thunderous roar, Anom headed outside.

After a few minutes of walking, Anom finally reached the town square of Wildlight. He trotted down the road until 3 elves popped out of the branches of a nearby tree. “What's the town’s loser doing here?” asked one of the elves, throwing a small piece of rock towards Anom which bounced off his shoulders.

Another elf shouted, “No one wants you here. Get the hell out of here.” Anom simply looked at them without saying a word, but silently gritted his teeth.

The elves did not stop with their rants. Finally, Anom decided to just head back to his cottage as he accepted his defeat. As he walked away, he heard one of the devilish elves shout, “Do us a favor and never come back here!” Evil cackles followed these remarks in the distance. Anom looked down towards his feet. Maybe he really never should go back there. Perhaps it was time for him to leave the town once and for all.

Anom woke up as he heard small rumbling sounds from the town center. Explosions and screams urgedAnom to wonder whether he should go and see what was happening. He took a step outside but came to the realization that maybe the spirits would not want him there. Maybe he should just sit in the corner of his cottage and continue sleeping. He headed towards his bed. Just as he was about to sit back down, he pondered about whether his decision would

The three elves who had teased him were on the ground, destroyed. They were screaming for help. Amidst the cries of help and falling buildings, a humongous, gargantuan snake-like creature stood before him. Each of the snake's teeth alone was bigger than any of the elves in the town. Hissing, the snake slithered towards Anom, ramming against his chest. Anom got knocked down to the ground. Anom stood up and tried to fight back, but the snake grabbed him by his neck, choking him. A faint sound caught his ears: it was cries of elves and fairies all around him, cheering him on. He had never heard such things before, not even a single time. With renewed strength, Anom grabbed the snake that was around his neck and started choking it. As he put his arm around the snake’s body, the snake bit into Anom’s arm and injected lethal venom.

However, Anom knew it was too late: there was no other choice. The snake struggled to break free until it finally stopped squirming. But by then, Anom had fallen to the ground and stopped moving as well. The fairies and elves all came around to save Anom, begging him to come back, yet Anom was gone, forever.

A few days later, the fairies and elves had finally finished the construction of Anoom’s statue right in the middle of town. Anom’s statue stood in the middle of the town, towering over all the elves. With another rise of the sun, the rays hit the top of Anom’s head first signaling another day.


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