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  • Evan Kim


Updated: Dec 11, 2021

by Evan Kim


It was a hot and busy day in the streets. Businessmen going to work, homeless people

lying down on the streets, and frustrated parents frantically looking for their children who

wandered off into the overcrowded groups and masses of people.

It was at 8 a.m. on a normal Monday. People were moving quickly into the subway

station, attempting to catch their trains so that they wouldn’t be late. I was walking in the crowds of people, trying to get to the subway tracks, looking around at everyone else running as fast as they could while clutching onto their shoulder bag, wallets, and phones. It was just like every other day; nothing was happening that was out of the ordinary. Just like every single day in the week, I saw people running down the corridors, pushing through the masses of people, and at times tripping over others and falling to the ground, which was personally quite amusing to look at, to be honest.

That day, I didn’t know what I was thinking, but somehow, I began walking to the wrong

subway station. When I finally reached the entrance, I realized my mistake.

Sighing, I turned myself backward, and that was when a man bumped into me. He was

wearing black sunglasses, wired earphones, a black suit with a black necktie, and holding a black leather briefcase. He crashed into me, knocking me down. I looked around. There was no one there. I couldn’t even see the man who had just knocked me down: he left without a trace.

I slowly got up, looking around, when I saw a small black notebook. I picked it up, and

thought, ‘Who could’ve possibly dropped this..?’ I flipped the notebook over, and there was

small writing on the front cover, with the words: TOP SECRET: NOT TO BE SHOWN IN

PUBLIC. I then carefully examined all of the details that I could see without opening the

notebook. I immediately thought, ‘what could this possibly be?? It says TOP Secret, but is this

actually true, or is it just to make other people anxious? Should I try opening it?’ Thoughts

rushed through my mind. I regretted picking up the notebook and knew that I should have just

gone on with my day. I also felt that I should return it to the man or even report the information

that could be inside this notebook to the police. I didn’t know what I had to do. I became

extremely sensitive, reacting to even the slightest movement, constantly looking around, and I

knew that I was suddenly facing an important dilemma.

Holding the notebook in one hand, and my phone in the other, I felt sweat trickling down

my hands. I was extremely nervous as I knew that the longer I had the notebook with me, the

more danger I could be facing and the possibility of myself becoming a target because of the

writing on the book with its details.

At the time, I didn’t have a clue on what I should do, yet I opened a flashlight app from

my phone, and carefully and anxiously opened the notebook. The first page had nothing on it.

Confused, I flipped through the other pages, and all of the other pages as well. There was

absolutely nothing on it! I murmured to myself, “what is wrong with this notebook. Had I spent

almost an hour trying to figure out what could be laying behind this notebook, and ending up

finding nothing? Absolutely blank pages of nothing??!” I was so irritated and also now coming

up to conclusions. After looking up some of the possible searches about the identity of the

notebook, I finally concluded that this notebook was a false alarm; it was just an ordinary

notebook used by organizations to fool the government or other strangers, like me. Not knowing what to do now, I felt that it was dangerous for me to keep the notebook around me, so I decided to leave the notebook on one of the seats of a public bus.

Tired and exhausted, I reflected on what had happened in just one day. The only plans

that I had next were to go home and rest after such a tiring day. As I was getting out of the bus, I left the notebook where I was sitting, wanting to get rid of it, since it wasn’t safe for me to keep it. There was nobody on the bus, but when I looked back, the notebook had strangely

disappeared, and when I checked back, there was absolutely nothing there.


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