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  • Yates Park

The Irresistible Plant

By Yates Park

In the year 2020, 1.6 million drug arrests took place in America. Out of those arrests, marijuana convictions accounted for approximately 52 percent. Marijuana has long been a gateway drug that many people begin with, which can later expose them to more harmful and addictive drugs, thus creating an unbreakable bond between individuals and drugs. Marijuana is considered an irresistible plant by many people for various reasons. However, its irresistibility acts as the most important factor that contributes to its popularity.

Marijuana comes from a plant called Cannabis. More specifically, it is a mixture of dried flowers of the Cannabis plants. Marijuana can be consumed in many different ways: smoking it using joints, bongs, or blunts, brewed into tea, or by consuming it by mixing it with food, called edibles. Currently, consumables have made marijuana more widely available, as it is more accessible. Consumables mostly come in forms of snacks such as brownies or gummies, making it very simple and convenient to consume.

The potential benefits of helping deal with stress directly link to its addictiveness. Marijuana contains hundreds of compounds, but about 100 of those compounds are related to THC, a toxic substance to the human body. However, it also consists of CBD, a chemical compound with great potential of helping people mentally by helping them deal with anxiety and epilepsy. The substance of CBD is the reason why once an individual smokes or consumes marijuana, it is very hard for them to break out from doing marijuana. The addiction is caused by mental stress and the effects of marijuana, which is able to help them relieve that mental stress. Marijuana gives users a pleasurable “high”, which is the main reason why many people consume marijuana to relieve stress.Stress can come from many different directions and ways: losing a loved one, work stress, academic stress, pain, and many other reasons. This may be the initial reason for abusing marijuana. However, many people tend to avoid people addicted to drugs. In fact, many drug addicts lose their loved ones more. This creates an echo chamber, where they lose more things, get stressed, and use more drugs.

Throughout history, stress has been the instigator of countless conflicts, controversies, and debates. Stress has been a factor of many people that have wanted to get rid of. By the discovery of marijuana and its effects on humans thus bolsters the dependence of marijuana on humans. Furthermore, in a society, such as Korea or America, where academic stresses, work stresses are at their pinnacle, it, therefore, will have a big impact on them, this is the reason for many addicting factors. To make the bonds stronger, current research on making marijuana used for medical purposes thus fortifies the adamantine bonds between humans and marijuana, debunking the prejudices against marijuana that have existed for decades.

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